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If a person only owns one watch and wears it every day, an automatic winding mechanism would be a good choice as the watch is always worn to keep it on the chain - the owner never has to manually wind it and just needs to set it. Clock To compensate for the drift and toggle up and back to daylight saving time. (In fact, a few early automatic movements broke the crown and moved the timer device backwards. In theory, the device is rarely used. It turns out that this is a marketing flaw - people like the look and ease of access to the crown. )

It is for this reason that automatic movements are most commonly used in watches that have more than a simple date window - these include triple date calendars, annual calendars, perpetual calendars, and any combination of months. With a few exceptions (strangely enough, these watches seem to be more expensive), most hand-wound watches have simpler calendars, but can also include other complications such as a chronograph.

One caveat about auto-winding - if you have multiple watches that you use frequently, the benefits of auto-winding will wear off - if you don't wear them often, the auto-winding can stop. With certain calendar mechanisms and other complex functions, this can increase the inconvenience of resetting the watch.

Eventually, since commonly used automatic transmissions tend to be on or near full wind most of the time, people may feel that they can be adjusted for many days to make them more accurate and consistent. However, this is not the case, because a manually set clock is set once a day and can be fine-tuned so that the daily changes are very small. In short, the automatic transmission has no obvious performance advantage - it is mainly a convenience.

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